Belgian coast: For hire holiday/week-end, small flat
drapeau anglais drapeau néerlandais
in OOSTDUINKERKE - Self-contained, sleeps 4


Miscellaneous pictures around Oostduinkerke : view on the Mall promenade, cuistax in Nieuwpoort, Building 21 by the sunset, viewed in the distance from the Nieuwpoort pier, hazy zoom over building 21 from the same spot, red circled balcony, Tuesday morning market in Oostduinkerke and Nieuwpoort haven where you can try to guess the wind direction. © Jean-Philippe Lembeye


digue d'Oostduinkerke, commerce, restaurants et location de cuistax


cuistax Nieuwpoort


immeuble 21 Oostduinkerke au crépuscule


plage entre nieuwpoort et oostduinkerke


zoom sur le building 21 depuis Nieuwpoort







port de Nieuwpoort


port de Nieuwpoort


port de Nieuwpoort