Belgian coast: For hire holiday/week-end, small flat
drapeau anglais drapeau néerlandais
in OOSTDUINKERKE - Self-contained, sleeps 4


Practical infos for the flat




A set of keys is available à Champion near Namur.
Maillen-Droussin 44, rue des Champs Verts, B-5020 Champion - Tél. : 081 211434
Another set of keys is available at our daughter’s place in Brussels.
It is also possible to receive the keys by post.




To rent the flat you may pay a deposit in cash or transfer the money on our bank account in the name of :
DROUSSIN Monique, épouse MAILLEN 44, rue des Champs Verts, 5020 CHAMPION (IBAN: BE26 0000 6832 0029). The key will be delivered when the deposit has been made.


When you arrive


Please go to the electric control panel TEKO (a little wall-box behind the curtains in the entrance hall) and switch it on.
Kindly take note of the actual figure on the electricity meter by open the door facing the lift on the 3rd floor (N° 403 E). It is advisable to use a flahslight.

KW Day : 0,35 € = more expensive        
KW Night : 0,25 € = cheaper




The temperature regulator is located at the little window between the kitchen and the living room. It enables the switching on of the two  independant radiators. Each radiator has its own temperature setting.



It is advisable to bring in kitchen towels, washing up liquid, spices for the kitchen, pillow cases, bed sheets or sleeping bags.

People registered with can access the internet with their login and password with their own laptop. The signal may be weak but it is doable according to the position and orientation given to the laptop.

The two sleeping zones can be separated by an opaque curtain that runs from floor to ceiling.

Mattress cover and bath carpets are in the bathroom cupboard.

Garbage room is located in the basement (-1). You will have to sort out the garbage (plastic, paper, etc.)

In case you notice something seriously wrong, you may contact the TRITON agency :
Zeedijk, 424 B-8670  OOSTDUINKERKE  058 513063 (or give us a call : 081 211434 (fix) or 0476 299704 (mobile)). 

Prior to departure


Please indicate if you wish to use the service of a house-cleaner to clean up the place after your departure (50 euros to be deducted from the deposit). If you wish to clean it up yourself, kindly clean up sinks, bath, toilet, fridge (please empty it and leave it open), oven and wash the floor to leave the flat as you found it for the next tenant.

Kindly switch the temperature regulator to O° and switch the electricity off.

Again, take note of the actual figure on the electricity meter so that the electricity will be deducted from the deposit when you return the keys.



The big wadrobe-bed must be opened by an adult and be smoothly dropped on the floor.
Many thanks for your understanding and the respect of those basic suggestions. This will enable everybody to enjoy the stay in the flat. R & M Maillen.